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Category: Customization Series
Product Name: BioFlex (integration module)
(For 1: N Matching - 20 fingerprints)
Module Solutions
1. Lock & Safes with fingerprint solution modules provided.
2. Fingerprint identification with high accuracy and speed.
3. Use chip sensor for live¡Vscan capturing of 3D¡Vfingerprint Minutiae.
4. Self¡Vauthentication / verification (no PC is required).
5. Easy operation of fingerprint enrollment by 1:N Matching.
6. Battery operated that lasts between 8¡Vmonths to 1¡Vyear.

1. Any customized hardware security integration
2. Fingerprint safes
3. Fingerprint door¡Vlocks
4. Fire¡Varm accessibility
5. Automobile
6. Theft protection
7. Machinery control

1. Safes are built to protect from theft, fire& chemical corrosion.
2. Meet UL fire-proof standard.
3. Optional vibration sensor alarm.
4. Battery operated that lasts between 8- months to 1-year.
5. Self-authentication / verification (no PC is required).
6. The chip sensor can effectively detect fingerprints with smudge, scar, cut, swelling and fingers that are too dry or too wet.
7. Easy operation for fingerprint
8. Special emergency backup key system for auxiliary access.