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Category: Entrance Security Series
Product Name: BioMetal (fingerprint subsystem - 99 fingerprints)
Model: BSS-1C
Bio Metal
BioMetal Description
1. High-tech "Touch & Go" fingerprint technology for entrance security.
2. Simplified design to be operated standalone without computer.
3. Also be operated as 1 of the 4 subsystems for the "Controller".
4. Provided various interfaces,( RS485/Weigand-26 for different system integration.
5. Use chip sensor for live-scan capturing of 3D-fingerprint Minutiae.
6. Fingerprint identification with high accuracy and speed.

1. The chip sensor can effectively detect fingerprint with smudge, scar, cut, swelling and fingers that are too dry or too wet.
2. Firmware automatically ignores residual fingerprints.
3. Optional "Controller" as door opener, in case of vandalism.
4. Easy operation of fingerprint enrollment via external "Configurator" device for "1: N"-Matching (upload fingerprint templates from PC is coming soon.)

1. 1. Standalone version is for "Touch & Go" moderate access control.
2. Subsystem version is for premises with many entrances to have
Centralized access control ("Controller" is required).
3. ID verifications for Time & Attendance systems.

Specification: BioMetal
Model No: BSS-1C
Fingerprint Capacity 99, 199 (Optional)
Sensor 3D Semiconductor
Hardware Interface Weigand-26,RS485 (option RS232)
Resolution Resolution 508 DPI
Field Size 236 x 192 pixels
Gray Level 256 levels (8 bits/pixel)
Minutia Size 512~1024 bytes
False Rejection Rate (FRR) 1/1,000
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 1/1,000,000
Allowable Rotation +-15°
ESD 17~20kv, Air contact mode
Scanning Speed 1 second
Matching Speed < 1 second
Dimension 12.5 (H) x 8.5 (L) x 3.3 (W) cm
Weight Under 900 g
Temperature -40°C~70°C
Allowable Voltage DC110V~240V (50/60Hz) 350ma Adaptor
Power On-Time < 150 ms (from sleep mode to active)

MMI(Main management interface)

2 DUO-LED-red/green/orange