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Category: Information Security Series
Product Name: BioHDD(fingerprint flash memory - 5 fingerprints)
BioFlash 2.0
Aimgene BioFlash Description:
1. Flash Disk integrates with fingerprint biometrics for high security & convenience.
2. Fingerprint identification with high accuracy and speed.
3.Storing personal/confidential data, such as PKI keys & company data.
4. Windows 98/ ME/XP/2000 supported.
5.Truly plug & play, no driver required(except Win 98)
6. Multilanguage for : Chinese, French, Germany, Spanish, English, Japanese

1. Fingerprints prevent unauthorized access to data.
2. Easy operation for fingerprint enrollment.
3. High speed of digital conversion and classification (1:N).
4. Use chip based sensor for live-scan capturing of 3D-fingerprint minutiae.
5. Compact, mobile portable and light.

Software Applications:
1. Access Control: Access allowed only by fingerprint identified.
2. PC -Lock Protection: PC-Lock activated while users are away.
3. File encryption & decryption: File encryption & decryption by fingerprint for particularly important files.

Specification: Bio-Fllash 2.0
Model No: BDS-3S
Disk Memory Capacity 128MB/ 256MB/ 512MB/ 2GB
Fingerprint Capacity 5 fingerprints maximum
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor Sensor
Hardware Interface USB-2.0
Resolution 500 DPI
Field Size 192x16 pixels
Gray Level 256 levels (8 bits/pixel)
False Rejection Rate(FRR) 1/1000
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 1/1,000,000
Allowable Rotation +-15°
ESD 15kv
Scanning Speed 1 second
Matching Speed < 10ms
Dimension 77(L) X27 (w) X13 (H) mm
Weight 20g
Operating Temperature -20°c~+70°C
Operating Humidity 20%~80%
Read Speed USB 2.0 > 8 MB/second
Write Speed USB 2.0 > 7 MB/second